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China_photoChina, the awakening dragon, is receiving more and more global attention as this century begins. In 2008, the number of foreigners studying Mandarin had already reached 40 million. That number continues to increase to this day, and Chinahas garnered further global popularity with its 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo.China's golden star is definitely on the rise!

China represents a vast territory with a population in excess of 1.3 billion and boasts more than 5,000 years of uninterrupted civilization.  Former capitals abound including Xian,Hangzhou and Nanjing. China’s many faces range from Shanghai’s skyscrapers to Beijing’s historical treasures, and rural provinces where mechanization has not yet reached the traditional farming villages. 

Studying abroad inChinais an inexpensive, life-changing opportunity to learn a new language, experience a new culture, and gain new perspective on our changing world. Speed down alleyways on your Beijing bicycle, devour dumplings in the shadow of a Shanghai skyscraper, trek through the lush landscapes of Kunming's mountain forests, and see a nation transformed. China's reemergence upon the global stage makes learning Mandarin more essential than ever before. A lifetime of experiences await!

Study Abroad in China

GOLDEN BRIDGE offers students an amazing opportunity study abroad in China and experience traditional cultural elements while still being mindful of the context and realities of contemporary Chinese society. Our study abroad programs offer a variety of courses taught in English with Chinese and international students, in addition to courses in Chinese (Mandarin) language and history.

Huanyíng lái dào zhongguó

China presents a fascinating juxtaposition – it is home to one of the world’s most ancient civilizations caught in the midst of some of the most rapid expansion of economy and infrastructure in history. The pace of development and change has grown exponentially over the course of three decades, and now cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Gaungzhou (among others) are world-class centers of business, culture, finance, and trade. There has never been a better time to travel to or study abroad in China – take the leap with GOLDEN BRIDGE!